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Lovely Stitches from Parent of Alicia Soh

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Eunice Lim - Parent of Faith Tang
From: Eunice Lim (eunicelcXXX@yahoo.com)

Sent: 25 June 2013 14: 05PM

To: ms_han@live.com

Hi Ms Han, Thank you and congratulations for having conducted the memory enhancement course. Faith came back, truly enjoyed and enlightened! She said though it took 3 hours but there was not a bit of dull moment at all. She applied the mapping(which was taught during the course) that same night for one of her mother tongue homework. I am sure other students have benefitted as well. It was a success! Keep it going!


Eunice Lim

Sherlin Tan - Parent of Brendan & Belle Tey
On Sunday, 10 November 2013, 23:45,

Sherlin Tan <sherlinXXX@yahoo.com.sg> wrote:

Mother’s best friend – DIAMONDS Ms Jessy Han, a teacher who is full of passion. She is sincere in her 20150418_120911teaching and genuine in wanting to bring out the best in OUR kids. In her eyes, every child has the potential and I can feel that she actually puts in effort to look at each student to identify their weakness and works on strengthening them. After attending classes in Achiever’s Journey for 2 years, the grades of my 2 children have been moving in one direction only… going up and up. The only credit I’ve given to myself is sending them to Ms Han and her team, a small team but with a BIG heart.To me, Ms Jessy Han is a lapidary – a person who cuts and polishes raw GEMS. She is making diamonds out of every students in her tuition center, craving, moulding and polishing them. I can see the transformation in both my children and I am so proud of them as they now shine, just like a nicely cut diamonds.


Thank you Ms Han.

From Sherlin. Mother to Brendan and Belle


“Ms Jessy Han is an excellent teacher. We decided to let her teach our daughter, Megan, after we closely watched how she gave lessons: She speaks firmly, and with confidence. She is strict, but also friendly and flexible. Ms Han knows how to help kids overcome difficulties with her patience and encouragement. She has outstanding teaching methods and skills. You can feel her enthusiasm and passion, which can focus a student’s attention during lessons. Megan has been very much improved in all her subjects since she started her tuition lessons under Ms Han. Actually, we found that Megan has made a lot of progress and is more confident in her school work. Ms Han is definitely the teacher we trust with high esteem.”



Mother of Megan Khoo, 9 yrs old

Henry Park Primary School


Chooi Hua

“Ms Han has been teaching my 2 daughters since K2 and has built up a strong foundation in English for them. She never fails to involve them with news around the world, enriching their knowledge and enhancing their vocabulary. She is firm and strict yet friendly and approachable. My 2 daughters have good results in English because of her and i am grateful to her for teaching them the finer points of creative writing.”


Chooi Hua, Mother of Tan Hui Ling, 12

West Grove Primary School


Ms Han is a passionate teacher that makes English more interesting. I never fail to learn new things and I look foward to her interesting lessons everytime. I have been with Ms Han for two years and my English improved ever since. Thank you Ms Han!DSC_9825

Mr Lau teaches us interesting and useful Mathematics methods that improves our maths, he have a passion for teaching Mathematics. I have also been with Mr Lau for two years. My Maths managed to score an A* thanks to Mr Lau, thank you!

The classes went smoothly thanks to Ms Helen. Ms Helen helps Ms Han and Mr Lau to attend to our parents’ enquiries and coordinate the tuition fees. Thank you Ms Helen! In conclusion, I would like to say “thank you” to the AJTC team!

-Ow Le Yi Nikki Primary 5C3 2014

Shuqun Primary School

From: Chan Wai Wen [mailto:vivienchanXXXX@gmail.com]

Sent: Wednesday, 3 December, 2014 5:59 PM

To: achieversjourney@gmail.com

Subject: Touching notes for Mdm Han, Mr Lau and Ms Helen

Dear Mdm Han,

DSC_9830When I first started tuition at your tuition centre in Primary two, my foundation for English was not stable. The composition written by me then was normal and could not stand out from the rest. However, after attending for some years later, my English generally improved with your patience and determination in teaching. Besides sharing interesting newspaper to the class, you also tell us jokes to brighten up the atmosphere in the class. Your teaching is fantastic and you always surprise us with your extraordinary twist for each and every composition you always prepare for us. You always put in your effort in helping us improve our vocabulary skills so that we will be able to recall those words in our brain. You are never in a hurry to listen to your students’ misunderstanding and clear their doubts. Time flies fast, just like each lesson and I yearn to stay longer. In a blink of an eye, it has been four years already.

Thank you Mdm Han for your superb teaching talent! I am thankful to have you as my English and Creative Writing tuition teacher!

Dear Mr. Lau,

Before attending your math class, I often made careless mistakes. I was struggling with my math homework because either I IMG_3509 (2)could not think of a solution to solve them or I did not understand the question. Either way, I was disappointed in myself for causing mistakes for simple math question. However, after attending your class, my math marks improved from an A to an outstanding A* on my SA2 results. You have also taught me alternative method in solving mathematics questions like the branching method, units and parts method and many more which the teachers in school do not normally teach in class. You are always being all ears to listen to your students’ problems and always lend a helping hand in explaining clearly to them. If your students have any doubts, you will be willing to put in effort and time in clearing their misunderstanding. It has been three years attending your math class and I am thankful to have you for my math tuition teacher!


Dear Ms Helen,

Thank you for sorting out the payment for each and every envelope. Without you, it will be a total chaos as Mdm Han would have to handle the payment and teach the classes from Monday to Saturday. It will be tiring for her to handle both things at once. Your commitment in helping parents who are waiting for their children to be occupied will made waiting seem less boring. Whenever parents have questions about the tuition classes, you would help answer their enquiries with ease. Besides being consistent and co- operative person to work with, you are also a humorous person who makes the lesson more enjoyable. You also make sure that the students who just attended the lesson are comfortable and are able to follow the class smoothly. Once again, I thank you for helping out in the tuition centre. All written by: Chan Wai Wen

From: Lee Jing <leejingXXXX@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 1:56 PM


To: achieversjourney@gmail.com

I joined Miss Han’s tuition at the age of seven when I was only primary one. I remember at the first day of tuition, she greeted us IMG-20150422-WA0009and ask us our names. In class, she taught us interesting things. I remember when I am ten, I got a huge improvement in my English marks and I was so excited to tell Miss Han about it. When I told her the news, she told me a sentence that I could never forget in my life, she said, do not be overly proud of your marks, keep on working hard to get better marks. That sentence really impacted me that until today I still could not forget it. Her lesson are always very entertaining and she always try to make the lesson full of stories about the ones on the newspaper that are related to the lessons to make it more fascinating. She always encourages us to read more books and newspaper to improve on our English. She has taught me for 7 years. She always has a bright smile towards us. She will never complains how tried she was preparing worksheets for us until midnight although she teach for almost everyday and every hour. She was really a very fantastic teacher. She is a teacher that could never complain even if she is really exhausted. She really taught me a lot. Thank you very much for teaching me. Your lesson is really very helpful to me .For this seven year that you have teach me. Once again, thank you very much.

– Lee Jing

From: Sophia Toh <sophiatohXXX@gmail.com> Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 9:47 PM Subject: -THE STORY OF THE LEGENDARY TEACHER- To: achieversjourney@gmail.com

Written by : Sophia Toh Hwa Chong International School

I have been with Ms Han from primary 1 till now. It has been 7 years and I am still taught by her. Ms Han’s way of teaching is exquisite and lively. She would always teach us useful English methods to get the hang of it quickly and she would tell us IMG-20150429-WA0007interesting stories and newspaper articles. Ms Han is a very understanding woman and is well-liked by many students. She always thinks the best for her students. She would stay up late at night and help her students, especially her PSLE students, to photocopy notes and papers to revise. Most of the papers and notes were written by her and believe me, its even better than the ones in the bookshop. She was also nominated as one of the BEST English teachers in Singapore. Her brainstorming is very potent and she has many great ideas on writing compositions. She could make a twist on most of the pictures/questions. Not just any boring twist, her twist is very creative and inspiring. She has the ability of bringing laughter to her students when they are in grief. She is also a very caring teacher. Whenever her students are in trouble, she would deliver them immediate attention and comfort them. She helped me achieve high grades for English. Ms Han’s tuition centre also teaches many other subjects. Join now and have the best experience of education. You will never regret signing up for this tuition.

Ms Han’s lessons are always interesting and i always look forward to attending the next lesson. Ms Han has also motivated me throughout my years in Achievers Journey. After attending her lessons, my English had improved tremendously, I have also learnt many good phrases in her creative lessons. My friends and relatives have also complimented me that my communication skills in English had a deep improvement.

Jonathon Toh

Nan Hua Secondary School 2014

Been with Mdm Han for 6 years I’ve been with Ms Han since I was Primary Six. Ms Han is a good teacher who dedicates herself to her job. She conducts every lesson in a fun and interesting way whereby I look forward to her lessons every week. And her lessons have never been boring! She is a teacher who would put in her best for her students. When my English was very poor, Ms Han helped me a lot by giving me extra work to practise and she even stayed back after tuition lesson with me to go through the work. Because of her hard work, I improved in my English. She actually do a lot for me, I really appreciate her hard work.

Thank you Ms Han!

Catherine Choo Hong Kah Secondary School.


Ms Han is a fun and exciting teacher!!! She tells her students funny stories as she teaches them good ways to write a composition, new vocabulary and many more. You would surely enjoy Ms Han’s lessons!!! Her students never feel bored during her classes!!! Come and join the fun now!!!: ):)

Kam Yu Tong Shuqun Primary School, 5C3 2014

Been Mdm Han’s student for 5 years

To Ms Han Thank you for teaching me English, Ms Han. My English really improved a lot after joining your tuition centre. It is really a joy to attend your humorous and interesting lesson, I really learn a lot from you. Thank you very much Ms Han, it is really good to be in your class
From Kow Zi Shuang,2014

Before then, we were a seed which has not grown into a seedling. Now we are a fully grown plant. Thanks Ms Han!!! 🙂 We appreciate your teaching.

From Chiang Zi Jun & Marcus Low, 10 years old, West Grove Primary

Miss Han is a good teacher. She teaches us well and made my English improve greatly. She prints her own worksheets and they are all challenging. She is friendly and strict but sometimes she jokes with us. I enjoy her lesson very much!




From Eunic Lee Yi Xin, 10 years old, West Grove Primary, 2010

Miss Han is a strict but excellent teacher. My english compo had improved greatly under her guidance. I love having classes with my fellow classmates too. I will always support Miss Han in whatever she teach.
From Megan Khoo, 10 years old, Henry Park Primary, 2010