Testimonials from our student’s parents and students

A nice handmade stitch testimonial from a student’s parent

Testimonials from our students

I’ve been with Ms Han since I was Primary Six. Ms Han is a good teacher who dedicates herself to her job. She conducts every lesson in a fun and interesting way whereby I look forward to her lessons every week. And her lessons have never been boring! She is a teacher who would put in her best for her students. When my English was very poor, Ms Han helped me a lot by giving me extra work to practise and she even stayed back after tuition lesson with me to go through the work. Because of her hard work, I improved in my English. She actually do a lot for me, I really appreciate her hard work. Thank you Ms Han! 

Catherine choo | Hong kah secondary school

Ms Han’s lessons are always interesting and i always look forward to attending the next lesson. Ms Han has also motivated me throughout my years in Achievers Journey. After attending her lessons, my English had improved tremendously, I have also learnt many good phrases in her creative lessons. My friends and relatives have also complimented me that my communication skills in English had a deep improvement.

Jonathon toh | Nanhua secondary

Before attending Ms Han’s tuition, I was like a caterpillar, wrapped in a cocoon, not knowing what I am capable of.  Now I am confident that one day, I will transform into a butterfly with wings that soared thru the sky.

Belle | Jurong Primary school

“Ms Han’s teaching is very interactive and engaging.  She has helped me to achieve what I thought is impossible in the past.  With my improved grades, I am now a more confident child and has a higher self-esteem.” 

Ms Han is a passionate teacher that makes English more interesting. I never fail to learn new things and I look foward to her interesting lessons everytime. I have been with Ms Han for two years and my English improved ever since. Thank you Ms Han!

Mr Lau teaches us interesting and useful Mathematics methods that improves our maths, he have a passion for teaching Mathematics. I have also been with Mr Lau for two years. My Maths managed to score an A* thanks to Mr Lau, thank you!                                                    

 The classes went smoothly thanks to Ms Helen. Ms Helen helps Ms Han and Mr Lau to attend to our parents’ enquiries and coordinate the tuition fees. Thank you Ms Helen!   

In conclusion, I would like to say “thank you” to the AJTC team!

Nikki | Shuqun primary school

Thank you for teaching me English, Ms Han. My English really improved a lot after joining your tuition centre. It is really a joy to attend your humorous and interesting lesson, I really learn a lot from you. Thank you very much Ms Han, it is really good to be in your class

Kow zs | jurong primary school

Testimonial from a parent