Achievers Journey Tuition Centre offers a Math tuition programme for our students from Primary 1 to Primary 6.  

Mathematics forms part of our everyday activities from making sense of statistics from the newspaper to making informed decisions about financial matters. When it comes to graphical interpretations, measurement, calculations and statistical analysis, we need Mathematics to help us understand. 

In line with MOE learning objectives for Primary Mathematics, we help students to acquire key concepts and skills for everyday use and for continuous learning by learning to think logically, critically and creatively. Our curriculum includes :

  • Model Drawing (Comparison model, Part-Whole model, Remainder Theorem, etc)
  • Branching Method
  • Guess and Check / Assumptions
  • Fraction Equal Concept
  • Ratio : Single Quantity Change, Dual Quantity Change, Age Difference, etc
  • Excess and Shortage
  • Simultaneous and Substitution Concept
  • If … if concept
  • etc

Key concepts are essential and we are there to help them understand by making connections, build confidence and foster interest in Mathematics. In addition, we do milestone checks using Top School test and mock examination papers. 

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