Our Curriculum

We set our worksheets with our students’ interest in mind and according to MOE’s syllabus. We aim to arm our students with general knowledge, current affairs and most importantly prepare our students for the examinations by including commonly-tested questions . Practice makes perfect and we do not just teach the concepts once. We train the students by drilling the questions into their minds so that they can gain confidence and develop the right set of skills for each subject. We cater our worksheets to meet the standards of the students in the class and design the questions to help them retain, remember and apply.

Our Teachers

We take pride in our selection process of teachers. We select the teachers based on their expertise in the subjects, their results, their teaching methods and their commitment. We put the students’ interest first and aim for improvement in grades. Hence, the teachers we select have to fit into our culture and believe in what we do. We do not want to provide answers but we want to teach the children how to derive at the answers. We believe that a good teacher with love, dedication and passion, can awaken creativity, inspire hope and instil a love for learning. We train our teachers to deliver the worksheet effectively and efficiently. We believe in making a difference.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Covid-19 Measures

In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have put in place the following measures to ensure students have a safe learning environment.

Communication With Parents

We believe a strong communication bond with parents is key to nurture a child. Parents can help us to understand and identify the child weakness and from there we will be able to attack and conquer his weaknesses.

Subjects Offering